Gold coated fabric earrings A-003


SKU: A-003-GF.GP

All the materials we use are hypoallergenic and nickel free. 

The earrings are made of hand folded fabric with electro-formed gold, a process that builds gold on the fabric using electric current, and slowly slowly builds a layer of gold on the fabric. 

For this design we had the fabric "collecting" gold for 5 hours. the fun in making this is that we get a bit of a feeling like baking bread and taking out of the oven a loaf that was not there earlier :)

A closer look will revel the fabric texture in the gold, and in places where the formation of the gold is thick enough to cover the texture of the fabric the gold is shiny. this happens as a result of a way the electricity moves around in different shapes. making the interesting combination of shiny and textured finish. 

Each one of the earrings are folded by hand and no two pairs are alike :)

The Material we use for the hooks is 14K gold-filled where the outer material is 14k gold and is hypoallergenic, yet if you are sensitive to 14k gold or silver, we have a 18k hooks as well.

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