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Aventurine stone in gold braided rope Long Necklace A-244


SKU: A-244-GF.GP

All the materials we use are hypoallergenic and nickel free. 

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The necklace is made of braided rope with electro-formed gold, a process that builds gold on the braided rope using electric current, and slowly slowly builds a layer of gold on the substrate. 

A closer look will revel the braid texture in the gold, and in places where the formation of the gold is thick enough to cover the texture the gold is shiny. this happens as a result of a way the electricity moves around in different shapes. making the interesting combination of shiny and textured finish. 

The aventurine stone is set in rope in a unique way, using the ropes tension to hold the stone in place.   

Each one of the pendents are made by hand and no two are alike :)

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